Why Microsoft Surface Failed?

Microsoft has played a successful role in the technology market, and it is one of the biggest technology companies in the world. Microsoft firm has much success, but it has recently suffered from high profile loss because of the failure of Microsoft Surface. According to a survey, it estimated that 90,000 laptop owners found that almost 25 percent of Microsoft Surface devices would present with problems by the end of the second year of ownership. Many customers report that Microsoft surface laptops or tablets are not suitable for use because of the poor predicted reliability as compared to other brands.

We will take the start of the failure of the most recent product, Window Phone. The main problem of the failure of this product is that it all comes too late when there is a huge market for Android and Apple cell phones. There was a high breaking rate for Microsoft surface laptops and tablets. There are some of the reasons for the failure of Microsoft Surface.

The data cited by CR is not overall return or repair

On the survey of customer reports, almost 90,741 tablets and laptops bought new from 2014 to 2017. Some customers ask Microsoft about the poor quality of tablets then they gave the following statement

We respect Consumer Reports, but we disagree with their findings in our new product. Microsoft always works for customer satisfaction. We staunchly hold behind the quality of the Microsoft Surface. There are indeed documented hardware frustrations with Surface products The most crucial problem reported by customers are related to sleep/wake issues. That was the exact problem that customers say in its survey.

Risk of problems

Microsoft released its first Surface tablet in 2012. The surface devices like laptops and tablets serve as a face for the company. Microsoft surface is a small part of overall Microsoft revenue, and this surface revenue has declined year over year.

The risk of problems increases in Microsoft because of the little experience in some of the categories. Customers report that the reliability of laptops and tablets of Apple are reasonable as compared to Microsoft. The Surface devices like laptops, tablets were found to freeze. These devices have shut down issues with their touchscreen. The most severe problem with Microsoft products is reliability. These products are not much reliable as compared to other brands. Due to higher breakage rate of Surface, Microsoft laptops cannot recommend by customer reports. The business of Microsoft Windows threatened right now. The rise of Appleā€™s mobile software, iOS, Android, Chrome have diminished Windows. Surface RT is a confusing product to its customers. The most significant problem which Microsoft surface face was that different versions of Windows had dominated the competition. Another problem with this product is Surface Pro. Surface RT a hybrid developed computer (design of innovative technology) and this product that seems to be looking for a market, but because of less quality product, it failed.

Even so, Microsoft is still a trusted brand for their other signature products & services. To get the best of these, training courses to harness its potential certainly will help to use them better.