RED HAT Courses


Red Hat is one of the leading companies for software which undoubtedly came up with an incredibly innovative idea of selling software as a product working for many programs. Also including Linux with its primary job as assembling components of open source and then making a distribution package out of it that can complete after ordering with ease.  Red Hat worked out its strategy quite smartly and created more users for Linux with customers preferring their name brand by the Linux Company. However, it is essential to know that there are different types of software packages available that are around 400 which include Web server from Apache and compiler from Cygnus. These kits help to buy in a way that one can sell the codes with the modified version and even resell them provided that no one else restrict to alter it more.

Using the open source and making huge revenues out of it, Red Hat compiled all the postulates and used it as an opportunity to promote them even more for more considerable success in the future by following them. They have termed it “ the open source way,” and there is no doubt that the way open source model changed everything about this company and how the software created, such characteristics will change a great many things revolving around us. The concepts comprise of:

  • Original ideas generated with the help of an open exchange. Such exchange of words and thoughts will help individuals in one environment to learn from the information and work resourcefully on it.
  • Sometimes, problems cannot be solved autonomously, and one requires suggestive proposals. When we create the solution by collaborating with one another, many paths open our way that might not have been in our mind in the first place.
  • Forming a community to achieve one common goal sure does create much proficiency that is beyond the effort of one person. The common purpose with two or more brains working on it multiplies the result positively.
  • Meritocracy is also encouraged in which the creative and best notions among the rest are chosen and makes it to the end. Community work and good collaborative work are the determinants of a successful project.

The secret of success:

Red Hat enables to bring a necessity for technology industry which is open source. Through it, it created a business model that still helps them to make a profit of billions of dollars annually. Not to mention that it still offers a long list including training, consultation, and virtualization which is even beyond Linux.

Subscription model:

Knowing that open source is behind the efficient working and achievement of Red Hat; let’s find a bit more about it. Furthermore, these codes are in all software companies. However, not all of them indeed share it. The choice of the user and his freedom comes in between if these systems stocked. The question is what the value of open source is? Well, with the world being even more connected day by day companies are somehow dependent on each other. If a code is created by a person and decides to share it, the consequences are that it will reuse in so many surprising ways by some other organization.

Here is where the subscription model comes in between which hopes in making a business profit with the help of open source. Numerous packages around thousands of them taken by Red Het where the codes are frozen. Later on, the software has an enterprise-ready version of it. Independent vendors of software, vendors of hardware and even chip designers are all taken help. The software and hardware also tuned which the products of the Red Hat will make use of it.

Moreover, subscription software by the Red Hat sustains an arrangement and infrastructure that includes expected costs, security developments, updated features, better hardware, etc. even if the value of the traditional licensed software lost. There is enough stability that even stock exchanges can make use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux as it promises a high level of security as well as support for many years.

Red Hat is all about bringing innovation in the future of business and technology. The model that it came up with proved to be a massive success as it was exceptionally lucrative. Red Hat, coming up with more models and tools still stays at the top tying itself to Linux line. With all that, we are sure it aims for more goals in the future.