Content Marketing: Sell Better Through Storytelling

Sell Value To Readers

Leave sales pitches at the doorstep and forget about products and services momentarily.

Content marketer should play smart and aim to sell value to the readers. The concept of value varies accordingly to each person. Therefore, it is essential that the marketer should define value according to what consumers’ perceptions.

content marketing

Keyword Research

Marketers should conduct keyword research to curate content which is relevant to users. Direct brand promotion should be avoided but this can be circumvented by surveying issues or queries of azure training.

The product can disguised as problem solver to make lives easier for consumers. This can be done by proposing answers and solutions to subjects that are embedded in readers’ minds. The marketer should stress on content that echoes the selling point of product and services.

Be Persuasive

Content marketers should employ a persuasive voice in their content to win readers’ trust in their ideas (and indirectly, what they are trying to sell).

To accomplish this, the marketer should back up their story with credible sources. In order to make the readers believe in what you are attempting to say, it should:

  • Start with a strong statement (Example: Cardio exercise reduces the risk of heart diseases).
  • Back up with evidence (Example: Credit the story with reliable medical studies)
  • Get an expert’s view (Not a must, but recommended to obtain actual input from a third party who can add substance to the story)

Research is the key element here to filter important findings that matters. While this can be done relatively easy, the attempt to acquire supporting sources can be azure certification.

Be Consistent

Rome is not built in a fortnight, so is your content marketing success. Building a following do not happen with one post alone. The momentum is accelerated by regular posting to garner interest.

Creating a schedule on Excel is a great method to prepare and organize posts. It is essential to play smart and not to spam your followers’ feed with your content. Be selective and know when to post to avoid wasting your effort in creating original content.

Hubspot found that pages with less than 10,000 followers receive less than 60% click posts. Hence, content marketers must pick their frequency of posting carefully.

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content marketing

Be Surprising

Competition is high to grab users’ attention. Therefore, the presentation of your content must stand out above your competitors.

Ask yourself: What is the best way to present the content?

Blog post? Video? GIF? Infographic?


study found that 84% of businesses relied on infographic as a communication medium and majority of them found them effective. This is likely because 50% of human brain is dedicated to visual processing.

Selecting the correct medium to go with content presentation is essential to sell your ideas to the readers. The rule of thumb is keep it simple for the readers. Complex information should be made easier for readers’ consumption.

Give Your Content A Voice

Headline A: What Your HR Doesn’t Want You To Know

Headline B: Know Your Rights As An Employee

Which of these headlines sound more appealing?

Content should have their own personality, like every person. After all, behind each brand lies the work of people like readers themselves.

Different brands have different target markets. Therefore, content marketers should understand what the brand voice that suited for the readers.

To match the voice, the content should also reflect the tone that echoes with potential customers. Tapping into trends, attractive headlines, and consumers’ interest are some of the ways to add value to the content.

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