Differentiating UI and UX Design

Differentiating UI Design & UX Design
UI design and UX design are two different terms in web and app design industry. They are usually placed together in a single term such as – UI/UX design, therefore, many people have mistaken that both are the same thing.

Let’s start with…

What is UI Design?
The word “UI” stands for User Interface. A user interface is the layout of an application which includes the buttons for user to click on, images and sliders and basically what users interacts with in a normal application such as Google App, Boost App and more.  Any sort of visual element, animation, or interaction are all required to be designed. UI designers will be in charged of – how does the button suppose to look like, what are the colour of the front page, Azure training.

What is UX Design?
The word “UX” stands for User Experience. A user experience is measured by how easy it is to interact with the application. Is it a smooth experience, or a long process to get to a page, or the application is confusing to interact with and more. The more the consumers struggles to get to where they want in the app, that’s when the app have bad UX design.

Difference in Task For Both UI & UX Designers
UI Designers are task with deciding how the user interface will look like while UX designers are in charge of determining the structure of the interface and the functionality as well as how each pages/parts link to one another. There is also a certain amount of iterative analysis involved in UX design where designers will create a layout of the interface and obtain user’s feedback. Once received, designers will change according to the feedback to maximize Azure classes.

How UI & UX Designers Work Hand-in-Hand
The role of UX and UI Designers compliments each other in a way that, UI designer can come up with an absolute on point ideas and colours to an application but unfortunately, the users could not find what’s necessary in the application. For example, the check out page or the product details needed. So, when an UX Designer comes to light, they will help conduct a user research and figure out what features are needed by consumers, how user journey in the application should be and other more elements.

Likewise, when UX designers come up with an absolute smooth journey for the application but the designs of the application are hard to interact with – for example, contrast image backgrounds and words or small button designs and more. This would make users uncomfortable when reading or hard to interact with the buttons. That’s where UI designers come in place to redesign the layout of the application. In this way, UI and UX designer skills compliment each other to develop a better experience for the users.

Although there might be people wondering which role is better, both roles are similarly crucial when developing an application or website.

No. Recommended Courses for UX
1. US-ACD: User-Centered Analysis and Conceptual Design
2. UX-WAD The Science and Art of Effective Web
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