Why UX Design Is Important?

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

It is a process where designer team uses it to create products that are meaningful and relevant experiences to users. Product that have successfully imbed User Experience (UX) Design would consist elements of – usefulness, usability and desirability. The main purpose of User Experience (UX) Design is to ensure that consumers who are using that product would find it easier to use as well as convenient for them.

For an example, the Touch ‘n Go e-wallet app. It has the save debit/credit card function, transfer function, invoice function, and more. Best of all is, you are not required to sign in every time you would like to use it or top up money for Azure training.

What are the perks of investing in UX Design?

1.Cut Development Costs
A simple time investment on designs could save organizations some development cost. Within the process of UX Designing is the key to the cost saving possibility which are the “Prototyping” & “Usability Testing”.

Prototyping: Since it’s a mock of the final product, effectively estimating the app’s architecture, blocks positioning and other elements of the product could help organization get precise figures instead of rough estimates.
Usability Testing: Conduct a beta testing of the product and allow end users or customers to try out the product leaving out the entire team who have worked on it. This is because, people working closely on the product will unlikely to see the flaws in it, and they do often know where the functions are placed or what to press when there’s an error. With this, organizations would avoid implementing inconvenient design when the official product is launched due to the feedback given by Azure certification.

2. Increase Revenue
The easier to use a website/app, the easier it is to attract more customers. Indicators of an easy-to-use application include intuitive navigation, useful onboarding and UX design patterns that require no time to learn. If your website fulfils the rule of usability, it is highly likely that your visitors will perform desired interactions such as make a purchase, subscribe or create an account.

In a customer journey on the website/app, there are a maximum number of steps they would go to reach their desired page. The more steps it takes for users to meet their goal, the higher drop off rate there would be for your website. With UX Design, designers can come up with a single page where customers would be able to check-out as soon as they click onto a product they like. This would then lead to an increase in the company revenue.

3. Brand Awareness Built by Word-of-mouth
Taking the previous example of Touch ‘n Go app, when it was just launched, everyone was reluctant to try it out. After a few weeks of marketing, people start to talk about the Touch ‘n Go app on how convenient it was and how easy it is to use the app. Unlike the old days, we have to que up to reload the card but now you can reload anywhere you are. This is the result of a good UX Design where customers are voluntarily sharing about your apps. This would greatly impact your company’s brand and people are likely to trust your brand moving forward.

Invest in UX Design with courses below!

No. Courses Available
1. UX-F: User Experience Foundations
2. UX-PUT: Practical Usability Testing
3. UX-ACD: User-Centered Analysis and Conceptual Design
4. UX-WAD: The Science and Art of Effective
Web and Application Design

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