Overview Of The Microsoft Course On-Demand

Boost up your Microsoft technology skills and take it to the next level as you take Microsoft’s new self-study courses, Flex On-Demand and MOC On-Demand. They blend text, video, hands-on labs, and a lot more to help you develop your tech skills. Since these courses are self-study, they allow you to be flexible in the time you learn them, following your own made schedule, having the ease of going at a pace that suits you, and studying at Devops training.

On-Demand titles are suitable for a wide range of consumers. Not only can they fit for anyone new to the industry, but they are also perfect for seasoned IT professionals. As the courses are divided into modules/parts, experienced IT professionals can go past Devops courses they already know about and focus more on the new information. People new to the industry have the benefit of choosing how fast or slow they want to go, as they can repeat a section as many times as they wish until the topic is clear to them. This will help them understand at their own comfortable pace.

All you need to get started on the Microsoft technical topics On-Demand is an internet connection and your computer.

What is MOC On-Demand?

MOC On-Demand completely changes the way Microsoft Official Courses are learned. Since the course is online and you access it from your home, you can learn the course any time and day of the week. In MOC On-Demand, Microsoft experts deliver instructions in an online training format through videos. Additionally, you will also have access to exercises, knowledge checks, and hands-on real-time labs. The attendees experience all of this via an on-demand, online course player. Right now, more than 30 Official courses are available for consumers to pick up in this format.

Live Hands-On Labs

Simulated labs have been offered in other on-demand offerings, but the MOC On-Demand chooses a different path. Through MOC On-Demand, you can train your hands to real-time environments far better than any simulated lab.

High-Quality Content, Direct from Microsoft.

MOC On-Demand goes on par with the instructor-led training in terms of quality as the experts have been hand-picked by Microsoft. And the content is identical to the one we use in our instructor-led training.

Combine with Instructor-Led Classroom Training

If you need that extra boost in learning, you can get a live-instructor and combine it with the MOC On-Demand. The knowledge should never be bound to the classroom, and through this combination, you can gain that additional boost and refresher.

Learn According To Your Feasibility With 90-Day Plan

Three months (90 days) is the duration of access to the Official Microsoft Video On-Demand Course and your Live Hands-On Labs. As this allows you to start and stop whenever you need to, you learn at your own adjustable and comfortable pace.

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