How is Insta 360 One X better than the GoPro Max camera?

There is a rivalry between the GoPro Max and Insta 360 One X. The second generation of the GoPro camera has all the features of Insta One X along with a distinctive feature. A feature that makes One X standout in the market is its user-friendly attribute, which makes it superior to all the cameras in the market. Whereas following its footsteps, the manufacturers have worked hard on the Pro Max to make it easy to use. Now, the problem is which one to opt, and why One X is better than the Go Pro Max? Eager to know, and then make sure you do not hit the red exit button. We will analyze all the specifications, to understand the reason behind One X overpowering Modern desktop training.

Insta One X or GoPro Max


A simple glance over the specifications is quite confusing, as both the cameras are almost identical; however, One X standout for its better resolution for video and pictures. The quality sensor plays an integral role in deciding the quality of the camera, so GoPro Max has a better sensor. Whereas, both the cameras focus on the user’s convenience, which can help you edit a remarkable video Modern desktop courses. 


Talk about the design; the cameras are poles apart in design. The Insta OneX is like a candy bar in shape; it has a short, screen with some manual keys helping in shutter and power control. These buttons can assist you in modifying settings; however, it needs a connection with the app for the ultimate authority. On the other hand; GoPro Max has a waterproof design, which makes it superior to One X as it needs a waterproof case.

Images and videos:

In images and videos, the GoPro Max shoots 5.6K 360 videos at 30fps, while Insta360 One X shoots up to 5.7K at 30fps. It seems that One X is better, but Go Pro Max has an advanced sensor and chip, which offers a better image during low light. Then what makes One X superior to Pro Max? The Pro Max has only one video option, while the One X can shoot 4K video at 60fps and 3K video at 100fps, which sets it apart from the GoPro Max.

Even though both Pro Max and One X can record reframe videos, which means you capture a 360-degree video and edit it into an impeccable cinema experience. Though the Pro Max can record better video, the One X is a winner in capturing images. The camera captures higher resolution images (18MP vs 16.6MP); moreover, it can also click RAW images, empowering you to record maximum details.

Live streaming:

The Insta360 One X can Livestream 360 video at 4K resolution, while the Pro Max can only live stream 1080p, making it a clear winner.


The software is a vital factor that makes or breaks a 360-degree camera. You won’t be able to capture an excellent video, without a bang on software. GoPro Max loses as its software is hard to use, while Insta One X has an app for swift editing video, creating it the beloved 360 camera.


Last but not least, the Insta One X is $399, while GoPro Max is $4900, so it is slightly costly, and the second option amongst the 360 camera freaks.



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