The whitepaper will take you to the new features of the platform and add you to the freelancing world. We will also investigate Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with details and delve deep into the ideas for the future of Blocklancer ecosystem as well as the platform.

This platform is intended to bring the revolution in the process of freelancing and improve the corporation between client and freelancers. It will go to solve many problems involved in the freelancing process including:

  • Fake reviews
  • Refusal of Payment
  • Abuse of power by specific authority figures

We passionately believe that completely self-regulatory system is the best option for freelancer’s platform like Blocklancer. So, we have developed a new form of job market called “DAJ” or “Distributed Autonomous Job market.”

DAJ is our vision of the future labor market and our proposed solution for many of underlying problems currently facing freelancing platforms, and most of the decisions were made on our platform is in the hands of Modern Desktop training.


Freelancers or clients can rank on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. They may also choose to add a written review, which is optional. Each user has a summary estimate that is always displayed along with the username. Freelancers also have a separate rating for each skill that allows a potential client to determine the capabilities of the freelancers in question, which makes the process of finding Modern Desktop courses.

Action in Job

Both freelancers and customers can perform specific operations in a job. To make this section clearer, we share the measures in freelance and client actions.

Problem in Industry

We are now discussing the most pressing concerns. Freelancers face the current market and freelance platforms or sites offering jobs. An overview of the issues will be described below:

  1. Unnecessarily difficult to get paid from Clients
  2. Customers submit missing/negative profile reviews
  3. High fees on existing freelancing platforms
  4. Unlimited central power on existing freelancing platforms

System Architecture

Blocklancer is the first decentralized and serverless labor market. We accomplish this by combining existing technologies such as Ethereal and IPFS. As Blockchain technology is still in the architecture building phase, we also implement our own, own solutions.

Core Architecture

Blocklancer consists of three main components:

1.) Ethereum: Ethereum is the backbone of the Blocklancer. The smart contracts are implemented for Ethereum in Soliditet’s programming language. Ethereum is needed as the distributed master book in Blocklancer, which allows society to verify transactions within the ecosystem.

2.) Interplanetary File System IPFS: IPFS allows distributed storage of files. Because it is too expensive to store all data in the Ethereum Blockchain, the bulk of data is stored in IPFS.

3.) Database: Because we want to provide a good user experience, it must be swift to search for jobs. One major issue with Blockchain technology is that it is too slow and expensive to ask the data. Therefore, it is necessary to save somehow data in a database that is searchable. Some of the funds collected through Blocklancer ICO will be used to develop or collaborate with other projects that are already promoting this solution.

Blocklancer currently has collaboration in this area with Ties Network. The partnership creates significant synergies with the decentralized autonomous business model Blocklancer is based on and enables far greater scalability.

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