Wearable Technology

One of the most recent and famous Hollywood flicks ‘The King’s man and the Golden Circle’ seems cool to watch as the use of wearable technology superficially highlighted there. It includes extraordinary specs with built-in camera which allows one to have a virtual meeting, the umbrella which can stop gun fires, the Hexoskin watch which keeps a check on your mental and physical fitness and last but not the least a pair of customized Google glasses which looks bold.

Journey of wearable Technology

That means that the new generation could be on the verge of mass adoption of a new lifestyle which includes wearable devices providing functions at a large-scale. Wearable Technology undoubtedly expands human potential. It upgrades the interior features of DevOps courses. The journey of the consumption of wearable devices marks the first watch which was given to Queen Elizabeth in 1571, therefore creating impacts which lead to the production of Abacus ring in 1644 by the Qing Dynasty which was very helpful for the traders. Then came the button spy cameras in 1950 which were exclusively used by the spy agencies preferably C.I.A.

Wearable Technologies

The most exciting among wearable tech was the Gambling shoe produced by Edward Thorp in 1961 which resulted in winning the Blackjack at Casinos by tracking the timing of the roulette wheel and transmitting the audio based results to the earpiece. Last but not the least, the pioneer of the modern wearable technology was Steve Mann who created masterpieces such as the Thinking cap which resembled a helmet, pendant based camera and projector system for augmented reality, i.e., To perceive the truth hidden behind a particular object or place. He also succeeded in designing a smart device used to display anything that is not present currently and the one person can show things to others via this device. This wearable technology was known as the neck worn projector. The introduction of the Bluetooth headset in 2000 is not a far-fetched idea as it paved the way for the drivers to talk during driving

Medical wearable technologies

With the advent of medical wearable technologies, human health is becoming more stable and lively. Previously, the data that our bodies radiated cautioned us against our ill health and pushed us to visit the doctor for a check-up but thanks to the wearable sensors which include the dials, gauges, and trackers which are multi-purpose and help us to analyze our health before a doctor’s visit. The EKG Bluetooth device can connect to the cell phone, and the heart rate can know in a minute. There are multiple apps which enables one to take a picture of their skin, lets them gauge the condition of a scar or mole that might be bothering them. Similarly, Spire is a device which allows one to check their focus levels and sends a signal if something entirely frazzles one.

The futuristic wearable technologies are yet to come in a more defined manner to sustain and increase the lifespan of human beings, allowing them to be more productive on Windows 10.

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